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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 14, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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ani'mrisancz. safraiscs sctuy cc san francisco's sanctuary city policy has been in place since 1989 but now faces a new opponent in the election of donald trump. during trump's campaign, he promised to defund sanctuary coties when he blamed for harboring dangerous immigrants who commit crimes against rmericans. nbc bay area's bob riddell is live at city hall.
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bob, this is a position some others are taking as well. >> reporter: you are correct. good morning to you, chris. san francisco mayor hadley has reaffirmed the status of our city as a sanctuary city. this was just about an hour ago. the mayor was going by the board of supervisors and the gay men's chorus as he stood on the steps of the city hall rotunda in an act of defiance against president-elect donald trump, trump who has threatened to hold federal funding in sanctuary cities. the san francisco police and fire department have refused to notify or turn over undocumented immigrants to the federal government. the mayor never mentioned trump by name this morning but spoke out against threats to ban muslims getting into the country and on reports of undocumented immigrants. the mayor called on san francisco to become a stronger city as a result of this challenge from the president-elect. >> doing the kind of things as a city, whether it's our budget, whether it's our support for our
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communities, whether it's fighting against discrimination or it's building more affordable housing, whether it's being a beacon to the rest of the cities and the country that we are still a city without walls, without discrimination, and an example to the rest of the country of what true freedom is. >> reporter: president-elect trump and others criticized the sanctuary city's status after kate steinley was shot and killed while she walked with her father on pier 14. sanchez was an undocumented immigrant who was in jail less than four months before steinley's murder, and instead of being given to immigration, he was set free. the mayor suggested that shooting mooifight have been accidental. bob riddell, nbc news.
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n>> this is another reminder of that. infresh coat of paint now covers the hateful racist graffiti that omeone plastered on a wall at nn elementary school. it's sending a strong message that everybody belongs here. hat was the theme of the event alscampus this morning, ntminding students that racial discretion or anything that promotes hate, will not be tolerated. et was painted over the weekend th they also rehashed racial rthavior at school. en was a peaceful reassurance to otudents against hate. a> this is really nice and tupportive and caring, and i'm hoping that the students will coul supported. >> this is a peaceful protest, and that we are all equal here, dt that everybody belongs in ehis community no matter what dou look like. >> signs and smiles there this morning at addison. the school district says the
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message everyone belongs here should be practiced by everyone cn the community every day. president-elect trump making his first presidential picks beginning with his inner circle ==kinning with two top aides. tne has long antagonized the establishment, but as steven alexander reports, the other represents it. >> reporter: the trump administration quickly taking shape. reince priebus as trump's chief of staff. and steve bannon as chief strategist, on leave from breitbart news. one campaign source describes the priebus pick as an olive branch to the establishment. another one concerned about trump's base, telling nbc news, instead of draining the swamp, we just put in the head
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alligator. priebus spoke to matt and savannah earlier today. >> he was able to get an opinion. >> i will conduct myself in a dignified manner, but sometimes you have to act. >> reporter: saying he'll stray from the fiery language he used on the trail. >> sometimes you need to use a certain rhetoric to get people motivated. i don't want to be a little, nice monotone character. >> can you be? >> sure, i can. >> reporter: trump pledging to deport many undocumented immigrants, beginning with criminals. >> what we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang
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members, drug dealers. we have a lot of these people, probably 2 million, it could even be 3 million. we're getting them out of our country or we're going to incarcerate. but we're getting them out of our country that are here illegally. >> reporter: the president-elect also talked about what would happen if roe v. wade were overturned. >> it would go back to the states. >> some women won't be able to get an abortion. >> no, it will go back to the states. they'll have to go to another state. >> and that's okay. >> well, we'll see what happens. it's got a long way to go. >> reporter: as for appointing a special prosecutor to arrest hillary clinton, so far no verdict. re=i'm going to think about it. indon't want to hurt them. they're good people. i don't want to hurt them. >> peter alexander reporting there. alesident obama is said to hold arnews conference this afternoon nhere he will address donald eaump's election. that special report is expected eaound 12:15, and you can watch it right here on nbc bay area.
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chris, this morning some saddenning news we have to report. we learned that a soldier from california has died while fighting in afghanistan. m=rgeant john perry was killed in stockton. eriwas part of the military in afghanistan. he was just 34 years old and stationed at ft. hood. a reminder not just on veterans tey but every day the sacrifice f. soldiers make for our country. >> indeed. we started with fog in the = y area. gdo the rain could be making a comeback along with some really cold temperatures. rob? r right now you're looking at the golden gate bridge where the fog really hasn't left here. it's 11:00 right now. the view around downtown san francisco starting to show you a little bit of sunshine. 59 degrees with some clearing. but the satellite view shows you that fog across the central bay, but not in the east bay right now.
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our weather underground camera shows you a very snunny day. you should see temperatures in the mid-70s. as we take you to the south bay, look at that. san jose temperatures in the upper 50s, still foggy. a chance of showers making a comeback tomorrow. this is a cold system that midway through friday, we could have low temperatures in the 30s, and to follow that up, some fairly heavy rain could be possible as we head towards next weekend. we'll go through the timeline of these two storms and when we could see the coldest temperatures this week coming up a the forecast in a few minutes. thanks, rob. on0,000 for an arrest. l.ey are offering up a reward in the search of a gunman who took aim at two officers as san jose police officers were on routine foot patrol. the officers approached a group of men near rubien and ripley drive just before 7:00.
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neey took off and ran, except tr one, who turned around and shot at officers. eryone could have been in the irne of fire. the police spokesman says that es the reason that the officers did not return fire. even before this, officers were on edge in san jose because of a st stanislauf county sheriff's deputy who was shot dead execution style. >> we are concerned about the climate. ee are concerned that there has ontn something lost in the loncept of law and order, and it's very near and dear to our hearts what an officer is tragically shot down, murdered. tnat noon today, the san jose police officers association will offer more details about the 20ooting and more on the 80opect's description, along with san jose police. cntil then, police describe the suspended gunman as a hispanic man in his 20s, 6 feet tall, 160 to 180 pounds, clean shaven and wearing a black and gray flannel
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shirt with a white t-shirt underneath and black pants at she time of the shooting. anyone with information should oll san jose police. er> as we talk about violence against police officers, chris, as you just mentioned, the shots fired at the san jose police ifficers did come on the same day that officials say a sheriff's deputy was, quote, xecuted by a man in the central valley. deanislauf county sheriff's deputy died yesterday morning as someone shot him in the head as he checked out a suspect's van. this was about 10 miles outside of modesto. police arrest aid suspeed a sus ifter a manhunt. lhey found him 100 miles away. w> the suspect tried to steal a purse from a female victim who fought back and called the police. as the police responded to this incident, the suspect fled the ==ene on foot and was captured. >> the suspect, 37-year-old
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david machado, was already a oanted felon. s > police are investigating a homicide after a body was found near an elementary school. a man's body was discovered about 1:00 yesterday afternoon an san jose. whis is the 3000 block of llppermint drive. that's right near cedar grove elementary. olice are not sure where the 'rime was actually committed, so . ey haven't pin pointed the irime scene nor identified any suspects. the victim's name has also not twnn released yet. this marks san jose's 44th ngwicide of the year. it still could be several hours before the highway ramp is pen near albany. it was closed when a pedestrian was struck there. officers still on the scene investigating more than six hours later. that person killed was struck by . lking on highway 580 just west vf the buchanan street onramp. investigators are not saying why that person was on the highway at the time, but again, chp says
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maybe as early as 12:30, but it still could be several hours. s e up next at 11:00, faith news on facebook. eark zuckerberg responding after stcusations that the social etwork influenced the outcome of the election. he is working to keep fake btries off of people's timeline. plus, hoping to keep your tart ride a little less awkward. the changes you'll notice when you sit down on bart's new train. plus, fighting back against the impending trade world. coming up on business and tech. alibumbs
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after a surge on the markets for the last week or so since the election, the market this morning mixed. the dow jones is up about 5.5 points right now in early trading. donald trump has said that america is going to tack on a 43% tariff on all chinese goods once he becomes president. >> and the first shock in a trade war, scott mcgrew. >> yes, and the trade world is in shock. if we put fees on their goods,
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they say they'll stop buying ours. that's the word from the chinese government this morning. a newspaper that speaks for the chinese government printed an editorial over the weekend responding to mr. trump's plans for that tariff. the global times, one of the newspapers that speaks for beijing, said "a batch of boeing orders will be replaced by airbus if that tariff goes through. u.s. auto and phone sales in china will suffer a setback and u.s. soybean and corn exports will be halted. we make boeing, they switched to the french airbus. we send $20 million of agricultural products each year, many grown in the united states. china also said it would slow the number of chinese students allowed to study in america.
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many students on t many schools on the west coast have been criticized for allowing chinese students rather than american students, but remember, chinese students tend to pay more to attend college. facebook owner mark zuckerberg is defending his network on accusations that facebook spread false information to donald trump's benefit. this weekend zuckerberg wrote a lengthy post claiming that less than 1% of facebook's comments could be classified as fake. he said the number is much high higher. zuckerberg said it's extremely unlikely that hoaxes affected the election. but he said, we have already launched work enabling our community to fake news. could new rules by the environmental protection agency mean you could be drinking water
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with higher levels of radiation in it? tonight senior investigative reporter steven takes us to the battle of drinking water. the epa wants to raise the amount of radiation allowed in drinking water after a spill or an accident. critics of the proposal say that if people drink water with these higher levels of radiation, it will mean more of them will get cancer. >> under the state drinking water act, we are to be protected over a lifetime of radiation exposure at a certain level. but what epa proposed doing is allowing you to drink, in a single glass of water, as much radioactivity as you would normally be allowed in an entire lifetime. >> the epa insists that these new levels are safe and reflect a new understanding of the science around radioactive elements. but even some workers within the epa disagree. tonight hear from both sides and see places in the bay area where this issue is already very real.
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that's tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 1-888-the 996-tips. they are critical communications and now we're getting a new look at a much-needed upgrade for san francisco's 911 system. the changes will hopefully keep people safe. the current system is 16 years old. the new one, the city says, will be much more reliable. sf leaders are also planning on adding a text option so people can message their emergency to the system should that be easier. that option will be available sometime by mid-2017. good news for bart riders. the new fleet of the future is designed to keep uncomfortable eye contact to a minimum. don't respond via your fellow human. bart recently required that one of the biggest responses they got when designing the new fleet was the seating arrangements make people feel uncomfortable. the new seats will now be a little farther apart. you also won't see any knee to
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knee seats. bart's new fleet should be in operation within five years. >> talk about wanting to get to know your neighbor, right? whatever happened to that? if you take caltrain to work, your ride is about to get more comfortable. caltrain is adding an extra car to southbound trains during the morning and evening commute. this is essentially going to provide enough space for about 200 additional passengers. as you all know, we have live cameras around the bay area. rob, today we were limited by that fog. >> you would think you could look at san francisco over and over again, but no. as you can see, we have cloudy skies behind you. tri-valley breaking out the sunshine, and to give you an illustration right now of the transition between the fog and sunshine, you're seeing that. right now downtown san francisco, some sunshine, 59 degrees. some clearing there, but not as much further south. here's a view from our weather underground camera right at ocean beach. that looks very nice.
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mostly sunny skies, but transition back down the peninsula to palo alto, 59 degrees. the clouds still out there. not as thick as it's been early this morning but lingering around the peninsula and south bay. now hazy sunshine trying to break through. you should see temperatures lingering close to 70. look at that fog still around the east bay. oakland still a few areas near a quarter mile. the north bay and tri-valley, obviously a lot of sunshine. slow improvement as we near the afternoon. 60s toward the inner bay. low 70s around the tri-valley. we're off to an earlier sunny start there. san mateo, palo alto staying in the 60s today. about the same for san francisco with that midday sunshine. north bay, highs in the 60s, close to 70 in santa rosa.
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tomorrow not fog, but a chance for some scattered showers coming back into the picture early tomorrow morning. notice not a lot showing up there in the futurecast. you have a lot of clouds, a lot of cold air, but in terms of measurable rainfall, not much. a few areas not even getting measurable rainfall, but this system is a call of nature, and it really is going to bring colder air toward the north. we'll take a closer look at your thursday morning expected lows, and there you go. 30 in the north bay and tri-valley. this is for thursday morning as that system brings them cool air. the second half of the week, while it's dry, is most chilly. i have some now, a more november-like forecast ahead, as you see the temperatures start cooling down, a chance of showers tomorrow, then chilly
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temperatures throughout the week. but you want to. however much we're expecting out of that weekend storm, coming up. back to you. coming up, the next hands across america. we'll take a look at the latest peaceful protest that has thousands of people surrounding any. first, marijuana has a hazy future with donald trump. eight states voted on marijuana in some form. you can find that story on n brb bruce springsteen gets a ride from bikers in new jersey, of all places. we're back in two minutes. lo athiscenourhoprsh yeerd.
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thousands of people in the east bay gather peacefully. this is a scene that our chopper shot over lake merit just yesterday. they surrounded the entire lake to protest the presidential election. nbc bay area's christie smith was there and has the reaction from oakland. >> reporter: with their hands raised together, a large crowd lined lake merritt in oakland, coming together against the election of donald trump.
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>> it's just really sad that all this hatred, you know, is out there, and he's insulting everybody. >> reporter: julian monterio brought a board for people to share the change they would like to see. >> some people choose to use violence to protest and express themselves. but i believe we can have other means, more peaceful ways that we can communicate. >> reporter: robert o'donnell knew he had to come and be with like-minded people. >> i'm here because my heart brought me here. i see all these people who have the same hurt. >> reporter: they talked about pushing back against things like deportation, sexism, racism and fear. >> southern poverty loss center already gives to that. i'm going to increase my giving to that, and i'm thinking about what can i do in the next four years that is still within going to work. >> i think it's about everybody. i think this is something that we need.
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>> reporter: allison white posted an event on facebook for her friends as a time to come together and have peace. but the word spread quickly and the number of people showing up grew dramatically. >> there is a lot of violence, a lot of races, a lot of people not being accepting of people. we all need to be accepting of each other. >> reporter: she says it's not just about the election. many said it's also about resolve, where to go from here and standing together. >> it's really hard. >> those are impressive aerial shots. anti-trump protesters in san francisco forced buses to abandon their normal routes. muni had to maneuver around demonstrations several times yesterday. in some cases, service was only delayed. >> a lot of tension agreements, but what about the healing aspects spiritual leaders use to try to bring people together
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following last tuesday's election and all the hate that's followed. they used facebook live for a national event of healing yesterday. and a national discussion of trying to calm the fears of the country. a panel of leaders all took part in this. one happened in a church in san francisco. >> protest and resist, but find the open doors we can walk through together. >> reporter: some critics say that event happened too soon and is not everybody is ready yet for healing. coming up, a week after the people said no to hillary clinton, the democratic party is looking to pick up the pieces. the another strong earthquake rocks that country. confenctod...s h paystl
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president obama is holding a
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news conference today as his party is still reeling from its loss. the president and hillary clinton are going to be also calling on members of the democratic national committee. >> clinton is reaching out to house democrats to discuss what steps are next and what went wrong. nbc's kristen welker reports on the meeting that comes on the heels of clinton placing the blame for her loss squarely on the shoulders of fbi director james comey. >> reporter: democrats looking for the way forward with president obama and hillary clinton poised to reach out to democrats today. their goal, where the party goes next and who its leader will be with the president leaving the white house. it will likely be a rallying cry not to give up on peace policies like obamacare and immigration reform. what did go wrong? in a phone call with donors saturday, clinton said she's heartbroken, blaming fbi director james comey after using
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her e-mails in the final hours of the race. donald trump was blasted for the finger pointing. >> we saw the e mails you had before the comey conference before november 8. >> we put up with the speeches the last few weeks. not the fbi, but obamacare. >> the campaign failed to aggressively reach out to white voters in places like michigan and pennsylvania. bill clinton tells nbc news he was pushing for more outreach in those communities. and the obama coalition just didn't turn out in the same force without president obama on the ballot. >> it's not time to give up.
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we've got to keep fighting. >> even though donald trump won the nomination and the election, hillary clinton actually got more of the popular vote. now it looks like clinton's lead will grow even larger. the "new york times" projected that clinton could end up with 2 million more votes than donald trump. a lot of those ballots that still have to be counted are in california and in washington. even with all those uncounted ballots, though, turnout is expected to hit the lowest point in 20 years. the latest numbers shows that just 55% of eligible voters, 55%, actually cast a ballot. >> a legal reprieve for now on the election win of donald trump could put one of the most controversial issues of his campaign on hold. lawyers for the president-elect filed a motion this weekend to delay the trump university trial until after the presidential inauguration. trump's attorney said it would give the president-elect more time to focus his energy
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transitioning to the white house. that motion is also asking that trump be allowed to give a video testimonial as opposed to actually appearing in court. the 2012 lawsuit accuses the president-elect with defrauding and misleading students with false promises. oakland city councilmembers are meeting in their first talk since the passing of prop 54, which legalized recreational marijuana. today's meeting is expected to include several items related to marijuana and pot dispenseryes. it will also cover the cultivation of pot. city leaders unanimously passed a resolution supporting prop 54, which voters approved by a large margin. in new zealand following a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the south island on monday. >> that powerful earthquake has caused landslides, it cracked roads and homes and triggered a
11:35 am
tsunami. >> the earthquake was powerful, magnitude 7.8. there have been several aftershocks. people are still being warned to stay away from short line. so far two people are reported dead, though rescue teams are only beginning to get a clear picture of the damage. roads and landslides have cut off towns. the focus of the relief effort is getting supplies to kykora where a state of emergency has been i would and it just might cau cause. this one was stronger than the one in 2011. nerves are seriously rattled. syst system. well, a man died after building hit while walking on
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highway 101. it happened just after 1:00 this morning in the northbound direction close to the long-term parking sign. at least two cars struck that person. one was an uber car and the other was a taxi cab. investigators say the victim was walking in lanes of traffic. no one was arrested and the driver lost control northbound on highway 101. the northbound car crashed head on into a tree, killing the driver. three passengers were injured. one of them has major injuries. all three of the people in that car had been drinking. sheriff's deputies looking for five people after a, killing
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21 year-old. deputies say that man was growing pot and he hired several people as pot trimmers. deputies believe he fled california or possibly another state. they held a rummage sale over the weekend to try to help pay for those repairs. . members set up sales in the parking lot complete with music, foo food. >> people donated things that
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may have been special to them. it was a real moneymaker for the church, so we were pretty disappointed. the congregation is worshipping, by the way, at a nearby. there is a new bay area report that is growing for coasters. they recommended that rock sioux tribe on sunday. this was. . the standing rock sioux tribe has been the source of water. meantime, supporters here say the protest skarts with home. >> that's why we came here again, to let san jose know and the people know as well, why we come here. to help out. to let them know we're thinking
11:39 am
about that. >> they say they'll have to drive to did he so to to encourage. . investiga investigate. a federal court as but people are complaining. if you have a complaint about all this fog, take it away, rob. >> chance of rain, we don't have it right now in seminole. this time tomorrow, we will bring rain back. werfolwinbreingewsa galeain n ji
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welcome back. we are following breaking news right now. a gas leak in downtown san jose is causing 10 blocks to be evacuated. about 10:45, we are told a construction crew hit a gas line on park street between race and meridian. people on two blocks are being evacuated right now. this is a couple blocks from morris carlos. we're going to bring you updates as soon as we have them. a new privacy alert, this one about your new smartphone or laptop. so many devices are coming out
11:43 am
now that you think you're stuck with the old one, but you can actually make good money selling them on line. >> that is the plan here, but what about deleting all your old posts and information? it turns out those files you think you deleted are probably still there. you're literally handing out ultimately personal information to a stranger. rob went on a shopping spree and wait to see what he found out. >> reporter: we text, e-mail, shop, even do our banking all on our cell phones and laptops. endless personal data all stored right there. >> when i delete stuff off this thing, i assume it's gone. >> a lot of people think that, but it's not. all of that information is still there, easily accessible by anyone, even thieves. >> richard hickman is a computer expert with decipher forensics. >> how hard would be for a thief to get that off my phone? >> anyone with the knowledge can
11:44 am
do this to wreak havoc in someone's life. >> we're going shopping. shopping on line buying dozens of phones and setting up meetings to pick them up. laptops, too. >> got a laptop. let's see what's on it. >> we bring them to be analyzed. and right away, we get hits. >> this would be an identity thief's gold mine. >> reporter: this laptop we bought for $75 giving us full access to the family we bought it from. >> home address, phone numbers, personal family pictures. >> scary. >> we found tax information, social security numbers of the kids and the parents. >> reporter: right down to their bank routing numbers, even account numbers. so who does it belong to? this suburban mom named traci. hi, traci. >> hello. >> i'm from nbc news.
11:45 am
don't be afraid. we're doing a story about people who sell used computers, and they actually think they wiped everything off of it but they haven't. i want to show you everything on your computer. >> my taxes, all my financial information, places of employment. >> social security numbers of your entire family. >> social security numbers of everyone. >> people can do some damage with that information. you don't want a stranger having those. >> no, i don't. absolutely not. >> reporter: think that's bad? wait until you see what's on this next device. a cell phone belonging to ari, a college freshman. 3,000 private text messages, her phone call log, secret passwords to her student scholarship, social media account and shopping apps. even where and when she goes to class. we set up a meeting to tell her what we found.
11:46 am
>> you probably wonder what we're doing here. i want to tell you what we were able to get off your phone. we were able to get your bank information, your college information, the code to the lockbox for the key to your house plus your home address. if i was a bad guy, and luckily we're one of the good guys, to break into your house. >> scary. >> look at all those passwords, amazon, pinterest, your student scholarship. >> crazy. >> that's her cousin. >> i never thought you could get all that off a phone. >> you can lose everything just from a phone because i have all my information on there. >> every single thing. >> reporter: as for all that sensitive data, don't worry, we took care of that, too. >> we've wiped this phone completely clean from a professional service, so you can have that back and resell it safely. plus, please take all your personal information because i don't want it anymore. >> thank you. >> reporter: and, of course, we also do it for traci. >> thank you. i appreciate that. i hope others learn from that.
11:47 am
>> we all learn something today? >> yeah. >> perfect. that's all we want to do. let's help you now fix the problem if you are trying to get rid of a device. jeff rossen reporting there. here's how you delete that information for good. iphone says you need a factory reset, and that's all. you go into general and there's a button that says reset. >> reset or resert? >> reset. and erase all contacts and settings. for android devices, they say take another step to encrypt your data before you do a reset. it's different for all devices, but you can also find that under settings. laptops are much trickier. it's much harder to remove old files, and the safest thing to do is to replace the entire hard drive before you sell or donate
11:48 am
the device. >> this makes me nervous, and this is why my husband can attest to the fact that our drawer is full of old cell phones. he claims he can delete it, but i'm worried. >> the fog is all gone over there, how about that? >> we'll talk about those clearing skies in a moment, but we do want to bring you up to date on our rain totals to date. after a super october, we had 200 to 300 inches of rainfall. those numbers starting co dto c down a bit. we're starting to see that we do need to see that rain make a comeback, but look at that fog across the towers of the golden gate bridge. clearing skies in san francisco. speaking of rain, a better chance of that coming up toward the end of the 7-day forecast. right now we have clearing skies, san francisco to the
11:49 am
tri-valley. dublin looking pretty good. already in the 60s here. for the south san jose still socked in by the fog, you see that? overcast skies near 60 right now. later on highs around downtown close to 70 degrees. upper 60s as we get near seminole. that's where you'll see temperatures climb into the 70s. oakland towards san mateo in the upper 60s, san francisco temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 60 today. what are the changes we'll see into tonight or tomorrow morning. then mostly cloudy skies during the day. rain totals expected to be pretty light in this system. how about, widely scattered showers ending on wednesday.
11:50 am
th then. as you see here from a comparison of two other weather models, we'll look first at the north bay. another interpretation of the same weather pattern still brings in heavier rain to our north but not as impressive are those rain totals. certainly what we get this weekend will be more than what we get tomorrow, so stay tuned to see these changes play out in the 7-day forecast. showers tomorrow. chilly mornings for the second half in a week. and then you're trial to make the. no rain for the time being. supermoon coming to a horizon near you. you cannot miss tonight's sight. a s lk isanoses caingwo ockto el
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we are following breaking news out of downtown san jose. we mentioned there is a gas leak in san jose causing two blocks of people to be evacuated. damian is live from the scene. damian, tell us what's going on? >> reporter: there are significant gaps because there are firefighters on race street. they're opening up the manhole covers and testing them for any potential gas inside the sewage lines. apparently a construction crew ruptured what appears to be a gas line. sometimes levels reached 60% below the limit. we're trying to get from firefighters what exactly that means, but several blocks of midtown san jose have been
11:54 am
turned out. folks were asked to leave for precautionary measures. i was also told to step back a bit because i was a little too close to the danger zone, they said. that's the latest in san jose. i'm damian trujillo. >> damian is updating the follow-ups on twitter. you can follow it there. we'll be right back. wch e ses nig anyoll e wt'sall a
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well, it would have been tough this morning, but once that fog cleared, watch the skies tonight and you'll see what's called the supermoon. according to nasa, the moon is
11:57 am
the closest full moon to earth since 1948. it will not be this close again until 2034. the moon could appear larger and reflect 30% more light than normal. >> i tell you i was very disappointed this morning when i looked up at the lights and all i could see was the fog flying all around. >> very disappointing. >> view the supermoon maybe tonight. right now we have patchy low clouds. temperatures near 70 tomorrow. we'll be tracking scattered showers and rain making a big comeback, we think, on friday. we've been following a six-inch gas leak in downtown san jose that damian is covering right now. >> the firefighters have asked him to change locations, move away from the danger zone. he'll be undating pdating on twd a full report at 5:00. >> have a great day.
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. stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> how beautiful is that. extra super duper moon. >> look at that shot. that's beautiful over the capitol. >> that looks fake. >> these are the amazing images people are putting out there. oh, my gosh. >> it appeared brighter and bigger than it has in nearly 70 years. we went to bed last night i said who left the porch line on and it was the moon. i kept going downstairs. >> it was stunning. you're not going to see another moon like this for another 18 years. >> that's gorgeous. >> the reason it looks the way it does, this happens every 14 months but scientists say it's because it's more -- closer to the earth and


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